Paz Counseling LLC

Paz Counseling LLC serves adults of all backgrounds with a range of mental health concerns. Counseling can be provided in English or Spanish. Paz Counseling LLC is located in Albuquerque, at The Source on Carlise SE.

Background of Irini Georgas, LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional [CCTP):

I speak English and Spanish fluently, having previously worked in Central America as a volunteer and with a Spanish non-profit organizationin New Mexico.

My experience in counseling is varied. I have worked with victims of crime, trauma survivors, people suffering from addictions, anxiety and/or depression, individuals who were abused as children, and adults who just generally feel unsatisfied with the world and their lives and where everything is heading.

I treat people on an individual basis, helping people move through grief and loss, understand and deal with trauma, sort through confusion, improve or end relationships, address and heal addictions, address career or life stage concerns as well as other mental health challenges. I provide practical, intuitive and compassionate counseling. Once I get to know people, I like a good joke and laugh. Life is to be enjoyed and counseling is a place where we explore that and get to practice being in the present and being our most "alive" selves.

I also have experience and enjoy working with individuals who have been negatively affected by religion or cults in the past. I work well with individuals who see themselves as ‘spiritual’ or even religious, but who deep down may feel confused about their beliefs, and who experience debilitating shame and guilt.

I enjoy working with people who are highly intuitive or who want to develop their intuition or just creativity for more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in their life.

If you struggle with difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviors, I offer a person centered approach and I utilize ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) with existential therapy, Gestalt Therapy and evidence based methods of healing trauma to help you to get out of your head, away from what is not serving you, and getting involved in life and doing what’s most important to you.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Existential Therapy are very active forms of therapy. In therapy with you will be learning skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, while we also address issues like responsibility, meaning, life and death.

This is our life and I think its about time we enjoyed it! Do you wish there was a way to live with more JOY and a sense of freedom and aliveness and passion? To succumb to fears, guilt, shame, negativity, and endless loops of self-hate, addiction and self-denial ... is to suffer. I believe that we can be smart and learn to experience freedom from this negative stuff that keeps zapping our energy and making it harder and harder for us to enjoy life, authentically.

My personal motto is that a life of emotional suffering is NOT good enough! Who says it should be so? I will not stand for it. This is our lives, and we deserve to be here and find meaning and satisfaction. And, this is where counseling comes in.

I want you to leave at the end of each session with a plan of action - something you can do between sessions that will make a positive difference to your life. With me, you will learn a genuine way to care about yourself and stand more in your personal power. And then from there, I will continue to offer support and guidance for increasing joy, radical acceptance and responsibility and learning to communicate more effectively with yourself and others. Keep in mind that counseling is a collaborative process that takes time.

I have over 11 years of experience in studying, practicing and coaching in Non-violent communication (NVC), mindfulness, life coaching and counseling.

Insurance and payment

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian and Western Sky. This includes most (but not all) Medicaid (Centennial Care) plans. Self-pay is also available on a sliding scale from $100-130 per hour.